Since 1918 our great-great grandfather - Eu Poh, an honest, friendly, and trusted Chinese businessman and inventor - originated from Hockien, Mainland China, started a business with groceries, gifts and stationeries.

Eu Poh's oldest son Eu Kim Hock alias Eu Kim Leong continued the business after his father retired. In the 1980's Guan Hock Heng Corporation expanded into hardware, fishing equipment's, rubber products, electronics, and watches as well as gifts and stationer business. As the hardware and fishing tackle business bloomed, he gradually shifted his attention to it and halted the gifts and stationer business.

Haiyen's wholly owned by Eu’s family with hardware and sports fishing products as its primary business. Today, the fast growing company is spearheaded by the third and fourth generations of this famous family, and has become a more aggressive and innovative player. Haiyen's represents the broadest line of professional sport fishing products made by any single manufacturer in the world.

Our office and warehouse are complemented by the latest sophisticated computer systems. Continuous updating of inventories assures the latest merchandise available to satisfy the needs of every customer. Our commitment towards quality, innovations, producing products, and services today are as solid as the first day we began operations. Haiyen's continuous endeavour is to serve our customers, to let them have an easiest solution while fishing by improving operation performances, and to increase profits through proper merchandise selection and inventory turnover.


Eupro International takes pride in being the leaders in the fishing tackle industry and it is now one of the leading fishing tackle manufacturers cum sole distributors in Malaysia nowadays. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the company's development to date has indeed attained an enviable scale.

Eupro International, which represents the company's flagship brand of Haiyen Sport Fishing commands a place in the fishing tackle market. This is attributed to Eupro International's relentless pursuits not only for quality assurance, but also its noble mission to spread the joy and fun of fishing to everyone.

Be it R&D, fishing trends, product quality or price, Eupro is forever a pioneer and leader in the market. This is the reason why Eupro International is able to become successful in this century.


To be the leaders in the fishing tackle industry.


Eupro International’s continuous endeavor is to serve customers with the easiest solutions and spread the joy and fun of fishing.


We will satisfy our customers by pursuing quality assurance and proper inventory turnover.