Fishing Line Supplies

Fishing Line Supplier

Fishing lines are the most important part of the fishing rod because you can’t possibly go fishing without a fishing line. We know the importance of quality fishing lines and one of our main priorities is to provide our customers with the best and highest quality fishing lines. Being one of the largest fishing line suppliers in Malaysia, we provide our customers with a variety of different types of fishing lines to ensure that our customers can choose which type of fishing line is best for them. Some of the different fishing lines that we offer at Haiyen are the Leader fishing line, the braided line, the monofilament line and the assist line. All these fishing lines have different uses, and they come in different lengths and weights, so you can make the perfect choice to use on your fishing rod.

Leader Fishing Line Supplies




Braided Fishing Line Supplies

Braided Line



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Assist Line Supplies

Assist Line