Fishing Tackle Wholesale Suppliers

We are a reliable fishing tackle wholesale supplier from Malaysia. Our rise to fame is because of our exceptional range of fishing rods for beginners and experienced anglers. Whether you are looking for casual or recreational fishing or commercial severe fishing activity, we are here. At Eupro International, you can get all types of fishing accessories that includes tackles like rod, reels, and lines. We manufacture several of these accessories while we partner with other top wholesale tackle suppliers in the industry. These parts are all durable and created with the thought of easing the fishing activity.

High Expertise

High Expertise

We have gained loyal customers for generations thanks to our expansion and dominance in the fishing sector. We supply to retail and dealers who also prefer us for our professionalism and expertise in this sector. Our prevalence in this sector as prominent wholesale tackle suppliers have been due to our efficiency and rates.

High Grade Material

High-Grade Materials

Get these lines, sinkers, and other tools at affordable prices and even without compromising on quality. Don’t miss out on our range of metal jigs, the saltwater rod, the underhead reel, or even the monofilament line. These are available as per the proficiency level, and this makes the products long-lasting.

Best Tackle Equipment

Best Tackle Equipment for You

When you opt for fishing tackle wholesale suppliers, you must remember that we will commit to superior products. Our range of equipment is worth the investment as our teams ensure each product goes through several levels of tests and verification before dispatch. You can expect to get durable pieces that make the best ROI.