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Electric Reel – Incredible

Incredible Electric Reel Boat Rod

This deep-sea heavy action electric reel fishing rod is made from premium top-grade fiberglass materials using the most advanced rod-making technology. The high-strength solid rod blank boasts excellent tensile strength and is ever ready to take on any abrupt explosive pull of any deep-sea monster. The flexible and sensitive rod tip can easily help identify fish bites while the robust and sturdy rod power is ready to counteract effectively to quickly exhaust the monster to have it landed in no time. The angler’s energy is greatly conserved in preparation for another good fight.

The solid and extra-hardy metal alloy reel seat ensures the reel is screwed tightly to the rod, so that the machine can perform its best in dealing with any stubborn monster without any unnecessary mishap. The butt joint design is convenient for anglers to carry around and also easy to assemble. The rod tip is fitted with a premium-quality roller guide and other parts of the rod with Fuji SiC guides, matched perfectly with an aluminium alloy gimbal ended with a cross head. Highly corrosion resistant, the tough and smooth inner ring of the SiC guide is wear-resistant with fast heat dissipation property which is vital to reduce damage to the fishing line. The rod is 7’6” in length, and the recommended sinker size is No.200- 500# (700g-1.8kg).


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Size Chart


Model ​Length Lead Weight Pieces Type Guide
INC761 7’6″ 200-500# (700-1800g) Butt Boat 7+1