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Eupro Freshwater Casting Rod- Release The Monster

Introducing the Eupro Night Monster Freshwater Casting Rod, a precision-engineered powerhouse designed exclusively for casting enthusiasts. Unleash your angling potential with cutting-edge features that redefine performance and bring you closer to the thrill of the catch.

Fuji Guide:
• Equipped with Fuji’s latest slim O-ring guides featuring a wearing-resistant ceramic ring and anti-rust stainless steel frame.
• Experience smoother line movement with reduced friction, providing ultimate protection for your fishing line.
• Enjoy peace of mind as you cast, knowing that the Fuji guides contribute to the longevity of your gear.

Eupro Premium Reel Seat:
• The Night Monster boasts an Eupro reel seat designed for optimal comfort during extended fishing sessions.
• Ergonomically crafted for a super comfortable grip, allowing flexibility for both left and right-handed anglers.
• Experience heightened sensitivity, ensuring you never miss a subtle nibble while enjoying a fatigue-free hold.

XSB Technology:
• Engineered with XSB (Extra Slim Blank) Technology, the super slim blank enhances sensitivity and flexibility.
• Quick alerts to even the lightest bites, giving you a competitive edge on the water.
• Unleash the power of XSB, and feel the responsiveness that sets Night Monster apart from the competition.
Eupro Night Monster is now available with all our authorized dealer!

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Size Chart

Model ​Length Line Lure Max Pieces Type Guide
NMC 562 5′ 6″ 6-15lb 5-15g 2 Casting 7+1
NMC 602 6′ 0″ 8-20lb 7-23g 2 Casting 7+1