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Light Jigging – Salty Master


A jigging rod that is versatile to use in various saltwater conditions is always in demand. It has an average weight, make it more convenient for tackling various fish species. This is a one-piece 6’0” rod with strength from PE1-3 to PE2-4 and is available in 1 overhead and 2 spinning models. Fitted with Fuji K guides and Fuji reel seat for added quality assurance. This is the one jigging rod that will not give you the weary feeling! Having the best jigging rod is very important, as it is responsible for imparting the jerky up and down gestures that give the jig proper action and lure fish. At Haiyen Sports Fishing, we offer the best jigging rod Malaysia that is lightweight, so it is comfortable for anglers to pull up and down for hours without fatigue while being flexible enough to bend completely when fighting fish. With the best jigging rod in Malaysia, you can expect to have a major effect on how enjoyable and successful jig fishing excursions are. It is important to make sure that you are choosing a jigging rod that is rated to handle the line weight class and jig weights you will be using. Reach out to our team of experts if you need assistance in selecting the right one for your next jigging fishing trip.

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Size Chart


Model ​Length PE Lure.W Guides Pieces Type Weight
STMC601ML 6’0″ 1-3 60–120g 8+1 1 Overhead 171g
STMS601ML 6’0″ 1-3 60-120g 6+1 1 Spinning 165g
STMS601M 6’0″ 2-4 90-150g 6+1 1 Spinning 180g