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Salty X8 150M

Eupro Salty 8  Braid Line

✅ 100% Hyper PE
It’s made entirely from Hyper PE (Polyethylene), a material known for its strength and durability.

✅ Ultra High Strength Polyethylene Fiber
The line is constructed from fibers of polyethylene, which is known for its high tensile strength.

✅ Extra Smooth
An extra smooth line would likely enhance casting performance and minimize issues during retrieval.

✅ Super Soft
Softness in a fishing line can be beneficial for several reasons, including ease of handling and knot tying, as well as potentially reducing detection by fish in clear water conditions.

✅ X8 Braid
More strands typically result in a smoother, rounder profile, enhancing casting performance and knot strength.

Availbale in Dark Green and Yellow color

Eupro Salty 8 braid line appears to be designed to offer strength, smoothness, softness, and versatility, making it potentially ideal for various fishing scenarios and preferences.

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Size Chart

Size (lb) Meter m/m Test KG #
20 150 0.185 11.2 1.20
30 150 0.223 17.8 2.00
40 150 0.260 22.7 2.50
50 150 0.285 26.8 3.00