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Eupro Casting Reel series- Turbo X
Nothing is Impossible

❄The latest casting reel from Eupro International, Turbo X. The powerful braking system provides a stable braking force of 12kg. Drag Max up to 12kg, 7.0 Gear Ratio and 10+1 Bearings.

❄Eupro Turbo X has assembly the 6 pin centrifugal brake system ensures high speed + the adjustable magnetic, evenly distributed and stable rotation of the spool.

❄Improved high strength main gear which reinforced brass crown main gear with digital sphere crowned teeth technology. Not only that, the gear disc, gear disc shaft, and gear rod are all made of sturdy brass material which may increase 25% stronger. Eupro Turbo X has also the sound “dadada” from the drag clicker alarm when the fish bite the lure.

❄Ultra deep spool coming with a wider frame design with a braid-ready high capacity aluminum spool will also provide the bigger line capacity.

❄Star shape brake wrench can work more smoothly with the pulling of the fishing line, and continuously exert the adjustment effect, so that the anglers will no need to be distracted by the pulling force setting and can be concentrate on their fighting.

❄Fine Tuning Knob to slowly lower the fishing line to avoid running fish. Mechanically adjust the speed of the outgoing line to prevent the line from being fried.
Eupro Turbo X is now available with our Eupro authorized dealer.

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Size Chart


Model Hand Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball
Drag Max Line Capacity
TBX300 Left 6.3:1 10+1 12 kg 0.28/280     0.33/200 286 g