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Electric Jigging & Jigging – Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight Electric Reel Jigging Rod

Dragon Knight is a jigging outfit specially designed for electric reels. Sturdy, powerful and lightweight, the robust rod is easier and comfortable for executing both handheld electric reel jigging or normal manual jigging. Made of high-modulus Japanese carbon cloth using the most advanced rod-making technology, the rod is equipped with Fuji K guides and Fuji reel seat to improve its overall quality and performance. The excellent rod tip elasticity and perfect flexibility make it easy to present various jigging actions, for both heavy and light metal jigs. The powerful mid-section and the coherence of the one-piece design also boast the angler’s confidence to go all out to battle any whopper without hesitation. The convenient 5’8″ length also offers better manoeuvrability in the narrow space available on most fishing boats, be it jigging or fighting the fish. The medium-heavy model is suitable for handling jigs of 58-300g, while the heavy-action model is good for executing jigs of 88 -500g.

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Size Chart



Model ​Length PE Jig Max Drag Max Pieces Type Guide
DKC581MH 5’8″ 2-4 58-300g 24kg 1 Overhead 10+1
DKC581H 5’8″ 3-5 88-500g 30kg 1 Overhead 10+1


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