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Black Hammer

Heavy Jigging Rod

✅ Fuji Guide
The rod features Fuji guides, known for their durability and ability to ensure smooth line flow, reducing friction and enhancing casting performance.

✅ Fuji Reel Seat
Equipped with a Fuji reel seat that provides a secure and ergonomic grip on the reel, ensuring stability and comfort during heavy-duty fishing.

✅ Toray Technology
Constructed using advanced Toray carbon fiber technology, the rod offers superior strength, sensitivity, and lightness, essential for handling large, powerful saltwater game fish.

✅ Smart Design
The rod boasts a smart design that integrates cutting-edge materials and ergonomic features, maximizing performance and angler comfort.


Length- 6’5″
Type- One-piece rod
Specialization- Specifically designed for saltwater game fishing, making it ideal for targeting large and powerful species in the ocean.

Eupro Black Hammer High Performance Jigging Rod is built to withstand the rigorous demands of saltwater fishing. Its high-quality components and innovative design make it a top choice for anglers who need a robust and reliable rod for tackling the toughest saltwater game fish.

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Size Chart


Model ​Length PE Jig Max (g) Drag Max (kg) Pieces Type Guide
BHMS 652M 6’5″ 1-3 170 9 Butt Spinning 7+1
BHMS 652MH 6’5″ 2-4 230 12 Butt Spinning 7+1
BHMS 652H 6’5″ 3-6 270 15 Butt Spinning 7+1
BHMC 652M 6’5″ 1-3 170 9 Butt Overhead 8+1
BHMC 652MH 6’5″ 2-4 230 12 Butt Overhead 8+1
BHMC 652H 6’5″ 3-6 270 15 Butt Overhead 8+1