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Slow Jigging – Shogun Gen II

Shogun Gen II Slow Jigging Rod

Shogun Gen II is an upgraded version of Eupro’s extremely popular Shogun Slow Jigging rod. Made of Japanese X-Shape carbon graphite using Eupro’s latest Helix V-shaped multi-angular mesh structure technology (Helix Technology), it significantly reduces the twisting and shaking of the fishing rod, improves the superb elasticity and toughness of the rod blank, and helps to better present the dynamics of the slow jig while strengthening the ability to control the run. The one-piece design allows the angler to fight the fish all out without hesitation. Its outstanding strength and extraordinary performance aided by the high-quality EVA enhanced butt grip prevents the rod from slipping during a tough fight. Equipped with the tangle-free Fuji K guide system, the Shogun Gen II absolutely meets the needs of all slow-jigging players and is currently the forerunner in the slow jigging rod market.

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Size Chart

Model ​Length PE Lure Max (g) Pieces Type Guide
SGC621MH2 6’2″ 3 220 1 Overhead 8+1
SGC621H2 6’2″ 4 300 1 Overhead 8+1
SGS621MH2 6’2″ 3 220 1 Spinning 6+1
SGS621H2 6’2″ 4 300 1 Spinning 6+1