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Electric Reel – Buffalo

Buffalo Electric Reel Boat Rod

The price-wise popular heavy-action electric reel fishing rod is made of imported high-quality fibreglass using advanced technology. The powerful solid rod boasts mid-section lifting strength which offers easy and effective control throughout the battle with any monster. The precise flexible rod tip makes it easier to identify fish bites in order to strike at the right moment. The powerful blank ensures immediate hook set, and also exerts tremendous pressure on the whopper which will soon exhaust the fish and have it landed in no time.

Fitted with a well-designed high-quality hardy metal alloy reel seat, the electric reel is seamlessly attached to the fishing rod as if it is part of the rod, thus ensuring that nothing will go wrong during the fight with a stubborn whopper. The butt joint design is convenient for anglers to carry around and easy to assemble. The rod tip is fitted with a premium-quality roller guide and other parts of the rod with Japanese Fuji guides which are highly corrosion resistant with fast heat dissipation efficiency that are vital to minimize damage to the fishing line. The rod is 7’6” in length, and the recommended sinker size is No.200 – 500# (700g-1.8kg).


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Size Chart


Model ​Length Lead Weight Pieces Type Guide
BFC762 7’6″ 200-500# (700-1800g) Butt Boat 7+1