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Godzilla X6 Braid Line

Eupro Godzilla X6 Braid Line

✅ 100% Hyper PE
The line is made entirely from Hyper PE (Polyethylene), which is known for its strength and durability.

✅ Ultra High
The line is capable of withstanding heavy loads or aggressive fish.

✅ Extra Smooth
Smoothness is essential for casting performance and reducing friction, potentially resulting in longer casts and fewer tangles or breakages during retrieval.

✅ Super Soft
Softness in the line can aid in handling and knot tying, as well as potentially reducing detection by fish, especially in clear water conditions.

✅ All-Purpose Fishing Line
It is versatile and suitable for a wide range of fishing applications.

Available in Pink, Green & Yellow color




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Size Chart


Size (lb) Meter m/m #
16 100 0.16 1.0
20 100 0.18 1.2
30 100 0.23 2.0
40 100 0.26 2.5
50 100 0.28 3.0