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Jigging – Eupro Royal Blue

Eupro Royal Blue Jigging Rod

Incredibly lightweight is one of the most attractive features of Eupro Royal Blue. Boasting a slim rod body that offers a superbly strong resilience that can withstand greater impact, the tip section is flexible and yet powerful for easy jigging actions, making it very handy for executing different types and sizes of metal jigs with varied styles and swimming actions to increase the hit rate. The extraordinary rod strength allows the angler to exert greater fish fighting pressure to quickly exhaust and subdue the fish in the shortest possible time, and the one-piece design can surely better manifest the overall performance of the fishing rod. Fitted with quality Fuji K guides and Fuji reel seat, this rod certainly imparts greater confidence to the anglers for executing the jig and fighting the fish, anytime, anywhere.

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Model ​Length PE Jig Max  Pieces Type Guide
RBC641M 6'4" 2.5 240g 1 Overhead 9+1
RBC621MH 6'2" 3.5 350g 1 Overhead 8+1
RBC601H 6'0" 4.5 500g 1 Overhead 8+1
RBS641M 6'4" 2.5 240g 1 Spinning 6+1
RBS621MH 6'2" 3.5 350g 1 Spinning 6+1
RBS601H 6'0" 4.5 500g 1 Spinning 6+1