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Slow Jig


Many anglers are involved in slow jigging nowadays and it affects the demands of it getting increasing. Slow Jig rod is specially built to cater for various types of water and fish species. Offered in PE3 for 120-200g jig and PE4 for 150-280g jig, available in one-piece rod with a length of 6’3” come in overhead and spinning models. Fitted with Fuji K guides and Eupro premium reel seat.

A versatile rod for various slow jigging applications! Jigging is a fun fishing technique where you’ll have to attract a fish by doing small, precise movements to mimic a wounded fish trying and failing to swim away. To enjoy this sport, it is important to use a tackle that includes both speed jigging and slow pitch jigging equipment. With the Eupro jigging rod, it is designed to let you adjust your drag as you fight the fish, which is key to the whole technique.

This activity is all about balance, finesse, and, most importantly, knowing your gear. You need to know exactly how much drag you can safely pile on and how briskly you can reel in when the fish runs your way. It takes a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll outfish any other technique with ease.


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Size Chart

Model ​Length PE Lure.W Guides Pieces Type Weight
SJC631MH 6’3″ 3 200g 8+1 1 Overhead 159g
SJC631H 6’3″ 4 280g 8+1 1 Overhead 171g
SJS631MH 6’3″ 3 200g 6+1 1 Spinning 153g
SJS631H 6’3″ 4 280g 6+1 1 Spinning 169g